Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dasto demo tracks available again for the first time


For the first time in nearly 12 years I have re-released the incredibly rare and shameful Dasto demo tape Ass Planet Fucking Fire Me.

I recorded these songs during a particularly lousy summer in 2006 not knowing how to play guitar, write songs, or even record music.  At the time, I only shared these tracks with close friends and family, and all of them were incredibly supportive of me quitting music entirely.  I definitely should have listened to them.  MySpace was still popular back then.

This is where it all began for me and subsequently never went anywhere either.  Let my story serve as an inspirational cautionary tale for any aspiring young musicians out there looking to break into the highly lucrative and fulfilling market of ambient music composition.

Don’t try this at home.  Leave the dreaming to the professionals.  Get a MySpace account before it’s too late.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dead Air Morning — Memorial Transmissions — now available

Before there was Dasto, there wasn't Dead Air Morning

Thanks to my stubborn inability to throw away cryptically labeled CD-Rs, long forgotten Dead Air Morning recordings have re-surfaced after 15 years.

Dead Air Morning was an experimental, improvisational ambient/noise jam band my cousin Eric Stowe and I started in 2003 as an excuse to drink lukewarm Pacifico, abuse vintage recording equipment, and disturb meddlesome neighbors in Ojai, California.  We were the local area Fripp and Eno (at least in our minds).  Together we recorded dozens of hours of live material from the comfort of Eric’s small living room.  Some of what we composed was inspired, most of it unlistenable, all of it intensely enjoyable and curative.  Until it wasn’t any more.  

Shortly after we stopped collaborating on the project, Eric moved to Paso Robles and completely vanished into a self-imposed isolation.  I embarked on my unremarkable career as an amateur composer/family man.  Sadly we lost touch with each other for over a decade before finally reconnecting late in October of 2014.  The last time we spoke on the phone we excitedly made plans to hang out and play music again.

Just two months later, Eric would take his life.

What were once therapeutically embarrassing footnotes of our obscured history have now become postmortem dirges.  Every salvaged composition lumbers and ascends as a eulogy, providing an enduring and rare glimpse into his brilliance, but also his private, misunderstood agony.  Only a few people have ever heard these songs.  I doubt many more will.  But at least we can nowbetter late than never.

R.I.P. Eric Clifton Stowe
8/3/1960 - 12/17/2014

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dasto side project RETIREMENT debut EP review

Check out this review of the debut RETIREMENT album:

RETIREMENT: A Gorgeous Ambient Record that Just Might Be Hygge (by Jon Hersh)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Dasto collaboration project RETIREMENT officially released

I am pleased to announce the debut EP of the cross-country drone band RETIREMENT is finally available through Fuzzy Panda Recording Company.  

RETIREMENT is a two-piece based out of D.C. and California, and this glacially-paced intense four song album should prove to be a formidable entry into the genre.  This EP is brought to you by Small Craft and STUPID CHILDREN (Dasto).

Beau and Jehf hope you enjoy what you hear.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dasto music featured in Menthol film

My song "Last Ditch Effort For A Shallow Grave" is featured in the indie movie Menthol, as well as the official trailer.

You can check it out here.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dearest fan,

Although you are currently mourning the demise of the prolific-ish ambient/drone/comedy band Dasto, fret not, because there is a new/worse music project to ignore.

The debut album FUN COP is finished and ready to be paid for. 

Actually, don't bother.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

DASTO — Music For Refunds — now available on Fuzzy Panda

Music For Refunds is now available to download (free for a limited time) or purchase through Fuzzy Panda.

Jehf Jones, (former member of Uphill Battle) and current purveyor of what he has deemed "comedy drone" and "hunky guitar sounds", is back with Fuzzy Panda for another album.  This one is as ambient as "Never Mind the BitTorrent$," though it features more melodic guitar and a lot more tension.  Clocking in around 35 minutes and costing absolutely nothing for the next 50 days, "Music for Refunds" is pretty sweet.

If you like your music glacial and drenched in reverb, then you will dig this album.  It's downright melancholy, dispossessing, and sometimes frosty.  Check it out before we go all capitalist and start charging $3 for it.  

Thanks for listening,

Huge thanks to the folks at Fuzzy Panda for releasing this into the wild.