Thursday, May 31, 2012

DASTO — Music For Refunds — now available on Fuzzy Panda

Music For Refunds is now available to download (free for a limited time) or purchase through Fuzzy Panda.

Jehf Jones, (former member of Uphill Battle) and current purveyor of what he has deemed "comedy drone" and "hunky guitar sounds", is back with Fuzzy Panda for another album.  This one is as ambient as "Never Mind the BitTorrent$," though it features more melodic guitar and a lot more tension.  Clocking in around 35 minutes and costing absolutely nothing for the next 50 days, "Music for Refunds" is pretty sweet.

If you like your music glacial and drenched in reverb, then you will dig this album.  It's downright melancholy, dispossessing, and sometimes frosty.  Check it out before we go all capitalist and start charging $3 for it.  

Thanks for listening,

Huge thanks to the folks at Fuzzy Panda for releasing this into the wild.

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